Progressive profiling for better lead generation

Using landing pages in a website to collect valuable data from visitors is an effective marketing strategy for generating leads. However, there are some mistakes that might lower your visitor-to-lead conversion rate. In this article, I will point out some common landing page mistakes that should be avoided to keep up your visitor-to-lead conversion rate.

Headlines are not consistent with calls-to-action (CTAs):
Your landing page headlines must match your CTAs. For e.g. If your CTA says “Download eBook”, it should be redirected to a landing page where a user can download eBook. If your landing page head line differs as compared to your CTA, your visitor will get confused and might walk out of your site without sharing his contact details.

Navigational link on landing page:
If the goal of your landing page is to collect valuable data from your website visitors, it should not have any navigational links. Navigational links on landing pages might distract your visitors. They will reach your landing page but will miss out filling the form after getting redirected by those navigational links.

Video on landing pages:
Many companies these days use video on their landing pages, that talks about the company. Such videos are irrelevant. Instead of having these videos, companies should have a video describing features and benefits of their products and/or services. However, make sure the video is embedded on your landing page and your visitors are not getting redirected to any other page to watch the video.

Form on your landing page is below the page fold:
It’s quite important to have form above the page fold. If it is below, half of your visitor might not see it as they tend not to scroll. So make sure a visitor does not have to scroll down to see your form. It should be visible as soon as your visitor gets redirected to your landing page.

Too much content on landing page:
Filling landing page with too much content is not a good idea. It should have less but quality content, your content should be able to explain features and benefits of your products and/or services. Visitors have limited time and your content has few seconds to attract them, so make sure it’s quite clear and concise. You can use appropriate images as they are worth a thousand words.

Forms with too many fields:
If your form has too many fields, you might miss 50 percent of your conversion. It’s very important to have a form with essential required fields. Make sure you only the questions required by your sales team to judge a visitor as a lead. Else your form won’t be able to convince visitors to fill it there.