Increase your email subscriber through Facebook marketing

Email subscribers are your potential customers. If you have large email subscriber list, you probably have too many potential customer in your hand. According to recent reports, Facebook has 1 billion + users. Even though it comprises users around the globe, almost every organization have fair chances of increasing their email subscribers through Facebook marketing. However, you need to have a marketing strategy. Simply making social presence on Facebook won’t let you earn email subscribers or potential customers. Converting a Facebook like in to email subscriber is a lot easier these days. Like many other sites, when a user likes your page or post, you can direct them to a form where you can invite them to opt in your email program.

In this article, I will share some Facebook marketing strategies which will help you increase your email subscribers.

Be active:
If you have an inactive Facebook fan page, that sits idle for weeks, you might be losing too many potential customers to your competitors. So make sure you stay active. You can keep your page updated with short details of your new product/services or other relevant piece of information. Also, make sure you are not posting too often and you are posting information related to your niche only. Posting irrelevant information and posting too often might lead your subscribers to unsubscribe as your post will appear in their Newsfeed as well as in their friends Newsfeed. You can update your page 2 to 3 times a day. You can make use of Facebook future post functionality, it’s automated and it will post your content on your behalf at specified time.

Facebook like and share button:
If you really want to earn subscribers via Facebook marketing, Implement Facebook like and share button on your official website. You can have them on pages that are informative, especially the pages that will attract your visitors to like and share them for e.g. your product description page. A simple like and share button will expand your reach and subscribers. You can also have a “Forward to a Friend” or “Email” option in your newsletter, so that a user can easily forward your newsletter to his/her friends. Almost every user opt-in emails that are forwarded to them from people they trust. So you have more chances of getting new subscribers.

You can try promoting your website to expand your brand recognition. There are different ways of doing that. If you want to promote your website for free, you can post relevant content about your product or services on other Facebook pages with a know more “link”. This link should redirect users to your website where they can get complete information of that specific product or services, and where you can invite them to opt in your email program.

For e.g. If you have a new product in lineup, you can post something like “Check out this new product” with a short description and image, and at the end you can write “To know more about the product, follow this link (Your website link).” However, the pages you might post on must be related to your niche. Say if your organization deals in laptops, then you should post relevant information on other pages that deals in Electronics and not on pages that deals in clothing or anything else. If you do so, other pages Admin will delete your post straightaway wasting your effort.

If you don’t mind spending some money, you can use Facebook advertising, it’s not that expensive. It will give you instant traffic along with hourly reports. You have to pay only when a user click on your Ad or when specific amount of visitors are driven to your website.

According to a survey conducted by 900 business owners last year, 40 percent of their respondents are spending time and money in Facebook marketing. Newsfeed is the best place to interact with potential customers, about 27% of Facebook users tend to consume updates from brands they like or subscribe in their news feed rather than visiting their official fan page. Facebook marketing is really worth a try if you want to increase your email subscribers and gain competitive advantage.