Create a lead management strategy that yields results


Sales Managers constantly search for new sources of leads to provide the sales team. Qualified leads are as good as gold for a sales manager, still it is often found that most organizations lack a good lead management strategy. A good lead management strategy would guide a sales manager to better understand the supply of leads to the sales funnel, create plans to generate qualified leads and manage the funnel to improve the yield of opportunities and improve sales. You could follow these six simple steps to create or improvise your lead management strategy and set up a robust process to manage and monitor leads. # 1 Set clear goals […]

What CRM do you need?


Companies are implementing CRM to connect with their customers and build relationships. In today’s competitive market it is essential for companies to know and understand their customers. CRM in this context is being looked at to develop a competitive advantage for the company and focus attention on customers that are most profitable for the business. Companies need to build a complete CRM Strategy and Integrated solution that involves every department. However CIO’s frequently implement CRM through small pilot projects due to the high cost and effort involved to implement a full-fledged CRM solution. To begin with, you would need to understand what are the CRM capabilities required by the organization to […]

Loyalty – from engagement to Cult Loyalty – Part 2


In our last blog we learned about the concepts of Engagement and Intrinsic motivators as levers for Loyalty Programs. In this article we would introduce Gamification and how it could be put to use to build an effective loyalty program framework A game always triggers the intrinsic motivators in people. It stirs competitive spirit, gives a purpose and gets the individual instantaneous recognition. Gamification is not about creating a game but learning from the concepts of games and taking those concepts into business scenarios. Following the 5 guidelines below would enable you to gamify your loyalty program and improve customer engagement. #1 Keep it Simple Like in any successful game, […]

Loyalty – from engagement to Cult Loyalty – Part 1


We all have been exposed to loyalty programs, every retailer seems to have a loyalty program running. Research tells us that there would be close to 18 such programs an average shopper would be enrolled. Thousands are spent on setting up and running these loyalty programs, but how successful are these programs? Again as per a study done 1/3rd of points accumulated by shoppers are not redeemed. The reason these loyalty programs do not do well are because these loyalty programs are creating loyalty for a special deal or offer and not for the business. The true value of a loyalty program is when the program creates sufficient reason for […]

How do you sell a 500 grams pickle jar for Rs. 500

Sales and Marketing teams want to make sure they have the perfect go-to-market strategy in place, product training provided and want to get their hands on all the latest gadgets and technology to sell. Thousands of dollars are spent on consultants and analyzing competitor moves, however marketing concepts are simple and plain common sense which we tend to often neglect. An incident that I recently witnessed on my vacation to the beautiful hill station of Mussorie brought this out so clearly that I was amazed. Laltibba is one of the highest point on the Queen of hill stations Mussorie, one of those awe inspiring places that makes you think why […]

Increase your email subscriber through Facebook marketing

Email subscribers are your potential customers. If you have large email subscriber list, you probably have too many potential customer in your hand. According to recent reports, Facebook has 1 billion + users. Even though it comprises users around the globe, almost every organization have fair chances of increasing their email subscribers through Facebook marketing. However, you need to have a marketing strategy. Simply making social presence on Facebook won’t let you earn email subscribers or potential customers. Converting a Facebook like in to email subscriber is a lot easier these days. Like many other sites, when a user likes your page or post, you can direct them to a […]

Craft an effective online marketing survey:

Online marketing survey is a strong feedback mechanism for marketers to know their customer’s. It’s like a crystal ball which gives insight of customers, what they think about your product and/or services? Are they satisfied with it or not? And much more useful information that helps an organization in building customer loyalty and achieving better marketing results next time. However, while crafting an online marketing survey, it is very important for every marketer to craft it effectively. The format, the design and the questionnaire have huge impact on the survey result as well as the success of marketing survey. A successful survey needs best practices in planning and execution. In […]

How to Double your Email Campaign CTR

According to reputed email campaign stats, 5.5% is the highest CTR (Click Through Rate). A few industries CTR lies between 2.5% to 5%. Goals of email marketing campaigns are same for all types of industries, i.e. targeting potential customers, increasing brand recognition, increasing lead to customer conversion rate by heading recipients to their websites etc. CTR of any industry has direct impact on the conversion rate of lead to customer. Therefore, it is very important to have a good CTR, as it is the key metric of email marketing. Below are some tips to double your email marketing click through rate Quality Contacts: Having quality contacts in any email campaign is […]